Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Astonishing specs and apps of Apple, Samsung and Google Tabs

Tablets are handy displays slightly larger than the cell phones and highly smarter than the laptops and personal desktop computers, performing the hardly acceptable functions of both smart phones and computers under a single roof. The displays of tablets are designed to enhance the clarity of the images or any other contents you have to view on your tablet and this is the most astonishing, expensive and inviting feature of the best tablets that make it strikingly hot for the customers. Display is the most critical component of tablets hardware that helps the manufacturers to gain a position in the competitiveness. Well, display is not the only competitive-category, there are a lot of specs and applications of Apple tablets, Android tablets, Samsung tablets and Google tablets that confuse the customers to distinguish out the best tablet. Let’s have a look at some of the striking apps of all 2012 tablets.
Appliation Store
Appliation Store

Samsung galaxy Apps;

When we search out the applications of Samsung tablets, the difference of its apps from those of Apple tablets are blatantly obvious. Most of the android tablets have provided their customers a large number of remarkable android apps for totally free of cost. For example, Adobe reader app is freely available for Samsung galaxy tabs. And adobe reader is highly essential for viewing videos online. This app is not available in Apple tablets. Second best and widely used app available in Samsung tablets is Ms Office (MS Word, Excel etc). Ms Office is essential software component of all smart phones and computers. Samsung tablets gained the ultra-competitive advantage by providing this application to its customers. Again apple tablets are deprived of this facility. For further information regarding android you can read android blog.

Apple tablet’s Apps;

Apple tablets are famous for their unique applications as Apple Inc. was the first one to introduce application store in a portable device. There are thousands of free applications provided by Apple tablets for example;
Kindle, stanza and ibook; these applications would help you to download free books of your own choice. Now, you can create your own library in your smart apple tablet.
Nightstand central free; provides you your free alarm clock in your Apple tablet..
Vdownload; this unique application helps you to save youtube videos.
Similarly the newly manufactured Google tablets, operating on unique technologies are also not lagging behind. Google tablets have interesting applications for example ultrabook to meet the needs of engineers and businessmen, kindle store, providing you unlimited space to download all the items of your choice in your smart beautiful google tablet.
These android tablets are quite cheap tablets and also the best tablets, meeting the needs of average budgeted people.2012 tablets have successfully met with the requirements of the fast moving world. Having all the striking specs of tablets within a lower price range seems next to impossible but those cheap tablets have done it all for you.
Evolution of tablets has made this world a global village by providing everything in our hands.

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