Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 Upgrade will be Released Early in 2013

Microsoft has recently announced its confirmation about working on an update of Windows Phone 7.8. Customers can expect its release by early next year. Usually when technology companies announce a launch or a release of their product and services and say “early next year”, it often means within the first three or six months. And in the world of information technology and communications, it is a long time indeed.
Microsoft is interested in working on an upgraded Windows Phone 7.8 for the owners of Windows Phone 7 and this announcement came when Windows Phone 8 was introduced in June. A few of the changes that can be expected as revealed by Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson on the official blog of Windows Phone, there will be a new ‘Start’ screen in Windows Phone 7.8 with new themes and 20 different accent colours. There will also be an option of making Bing Picture of the Day as a screen image.
The best part of Windows Phone 7.8 knowing how customers are unsatisfied with the lack of security that they get from their smartphones is that there will be some extra security with a new passcode system. So for those who have still not yet bought their Windows Phone 7, but are planning to, they can get the upgraded version by early next year. There will also be the Apollo Plus Windows Phone 8 update at Mobile World Congress 2013 which will be held in February 25 next year.

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