Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Apple Releases the 128GB iPad for Hard-core Users, Worries Competitors

ipad 128GB Apple Releases the 128GB iPad for Hard core Users, Worries Competitors
Apple, the undisputed leader of the tablet market has released its tablet with the highest storage capacity. The new iPad with retina display and 128 GB retails for $799 for the Wifi model and $929 for the LTE version.
The tablet will be the dream device for people who are always running short of storage spaces on their devices.
Other than the 128GBs of storage space, a feat unmatched by any of its competitors, this iPad doesn’t feature anything different from its other iPad 4 brethren.
iPad 128 GB thumb Apple Releases the 128GB iPad for Hard core Users, Worries Competitors

Must’ve worried competitors

Everyone knows the impact that Apple products make on the market so this product won’t be any exception. Right now, most of their competitors are offering tablets with storage space of 16 and 32 GBs and some even with 8GBs. Getting more than 64GBs of space is still an extremely rare thing.
You may have been thinking of the Microsoft Surface which comes in a 128GB version too although memory partitions lower it down to around 80GB which is a bit of a disappointment.
But still, I advice on not hoping this version of the iPad to become a best-seller because firstly, its really expensive and secondly, only a handful of users need THIS much space.
Did I mentioned that it won’t be as readily available here in Pakistan as the other versions of the new iPad? Also for such prices you can easily buy an ultrabook nowadays.

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