Friday, February 8, 2013

Incipio feather, Dual Pro and [OVRMLD] Series Cases for BlackBerry Z10

A company called Incipio introduces its line of cases built for the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. The range includes feather, feather SHINE, DualPro, DualPro SHINE with holster and [OVRMLD] with holster. The BlackBerry Z10 is the upcoming flagship full-touch BlackBerry that will be released next month.
Incipio feather BlackBerry Z10 case
Incipio feather
The feather ($24.99) and feather SHINE ($29.99) are a slim cases crafted with what the company called Plextonium shell to hold structure and prevent scratches from daily wear and tear. They have a low profile at 1mm and offers acess to all ports and controls. The SHINE version features a sleek brushed aluminum finish.
Incipio Dual Pro BlackBerry Z10 case
Incipio Dual Pro
The DualPro ($29.99) and DualPro SHINE ($34.99), as their names suggest, have a dual layer protection, combing hard-shell Plextonium frame with soft-touch, shock-absorbing silicone core. While both of them provide enhanced protection, the DualPro has a soft touch finish for comfortable grip and comes in different color combinations, and the DualPro SHINE has a smooth brushed aluminum finish for elegance and style and comes with a holster.
Incipio feather SHINE with Holster case for BlackBerry Z10
Incipio feather SHINE with Holster
The [OVRMLD] ($39.99) case is a dual-injected flexible hard shell case with a hybrid design. It is also built with Plextonium shell and adds raised Flex2O inner core to protect from surface wear. The case, ideal for active users, provides “full-coverage protection and shock absorption. A holster is included. It comes in a variety of color combinations.
Incipio Dual Pro SHINE BlackBerry Z10 case
Incipio Dual Pro SHINE
Incipio [OVRMLD] with Holster BlackBerry Z10 case
Incipio [OVRMLD] with Holster


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