Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facebook Messenger For Android – Sign Up With Your Phone Number


The hottest launch of Facebook Messenger App for Android and Apple’s i OS has steered away users from conventional SMS services. Although text messages have been here for more than 2 decades but Facebook plans to deter cell phone users to its latest Messenger service and put text messaging to grave.
With Facebook Messenger App, users can text and chat all day long without even signing up for Facebook.All you need is to create a Messenger account with your name or phone number and get started!
“Just install the app and tap Get Started to reach your contacts faster, start group conversations, share photos and more,” the company announced.
The Facebook Messenger App is an easy-sell to scoffers and skeptics, as users need not to fill out endless profile, manage friends list and comply with privacy controls. Once they’ve grasped the worth in Messenger, users would take the plunge and get an account on core Facebook site.
Once you’ve installed Facebook Messenger to your cell phone, it sucks into your contacts and with that you can text friends even if they’re not on Facebook. User send messages to Facebook contacts via data plan rather as SMS. Once installed, the App allows users to send messages to entire contact list; it also supports group messaging threads and photo sharing. The popularity of Facebook’s Messenger App among non-Facebook users is a clear sign for more signups and a stepping stone for huge SUCCESS!
For the first time Facebook has made its services accessible outside its user-base and incredibly it has received an awe-inspiring response.This recent attempt by Facebook shows that company is making it temptingly difficult not to use Facebook Messenger App considering that user’s won’t have to pay for their text messages.With Facebook uttering interest in acquiring ‘What’s App’, there is no doubt that this social network giant could end up controlling messaging and SMS industry.
Facebook Messenger App for Android initially rolled out in nations with high costs of SMS and text messages including USA, Indonesia, India, Australia and South Africa. However the company announced to launch Facebook Messenger app in other parts of world, ‘shortly’.
Facebook says that “Messenger accounts will become available over the next few weeks”. A spokesperson said that “The feature will be available first on Android in Australia, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Venezuela and roll out globally in the coming weeks.”
If you haven’t installed Facebook Messenger App to your Android mobile phone, visit Google Play Store and install now!

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