Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The iOS 6 Do Not Disturb feature fixes itself [UPDATE: Still not working]

The iOS 6 DND feature is working again, just as Apple promised a few days ago. There was no update, though – the Do Not Disturb mode just fixed itself.
UPDATE: As it turned out, despite the DND mode now turns on and off as scheduled, it doesn’t work and you will continue to receive all notifications. Now Apple need to release an update and the next time should do more tests before coming up with an official statement.
We still hope Apple will do what it takes so we don’t see the bug come back next year. At least it has about a year to do so.
In case you need a refresh, the DND mode stopped working properly on New Year’s Day so the iOS users had to either turn it on/off manually or just stop using it for a while. That same day Apple also released a commercial advertising exactly the feature that was pretty much useless at the time.
Anyway, you can now use its schedule option again. I personally tested the thing and it worked just as promised.

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